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Winter morning... poetic prayer

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

How shall I approach thee

I am such a fool

In need of a faith community

Where charity may rule

Behavior that is worthy

Of thy beloved crown

That marked your head with thorny pricks

And brought my ego down

I thought you were a rich man

I thought you were so strong

And now I gaze upon the wood

Oh how I was so wrong

In weakness did thee save us

Upon the cross of life

We face this day before us

With all its stress and strife

I too must rest your weary

pierced hands and feet

You are still here amongst us

Your burden still replete

With our disgusting vices

We weigh your shoulders down

And yet you bid us come thee

To bring our souls around

To thy blest way of thinking

Not ours we're sure those fail

Our selfishness is sinking

Beneath the rended veil

Thy work it is now finished

Thy mission now complete

You now may sit in triumph

Upon the judgement seat

Where we shall come before thee

Accused of that or this

The Advocate will hopefully defend

Where we were oft' amiss

Oh fam'ly that I long'st for

Oh trinity and all

The blest souls and the angels

That make our heaven so

Full of love and kindness

Welcoming us in

Give this day our daily bread

That we may conquer sin

With the grace ye give us

Freely without charge

Other than to ask us

For our troubles large

Crushed we are beneath the

Worries and distress

Yet we are so strengthened

By thy spirit blest

Our path is not yet chosen

Our path is not yet known

You alone are king lord

'Cause you alone have sown

Seed into the earthen

Ground from whence we come

That we may yet returnest

Multiplied in sum

Of the love that brought us

Of the charity

We bow our heads before thy throne

We rest on bended knee

Go forth go forth my bless-ed ones

Out to do my will

From wondrous things to tedious

Go forth that I may still

Live among'st my people

In community

Just remember grace was given

Without cost or fee


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