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*** The entire contents (54 pages) of the first edition of my first book are viewable on this page at no cost. ***




Meant to stir healthy emotions and inspire rational thoughts, Winning the Battle with Mental Illness: An Example of Compassionate Catholic (Universal) Self-Care will hopefully motivate others to seek help for their mental illnesses.​


About The Author


Daniel A. Popovich is a Catholic poet, author, and advocate who lives in the Midwest.

To Purchase

Please visit Dan's Amazon Author Page to buy a Kindle or paperback version of this book. A second edition is also available there.


The covers of all of his latest books are shown below. 

first book second edition back cover.jpg
first book second edition front cover.jpg
2nd Book Paperback Back Cover Scan.jpg
2nd Book Paperback Front Cover Scan.jpg
Helping Others Thru Faith Back Cover.jpg
Helping Others Thru Faith Front Cover.jpg
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