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Why do I write?

When I am writing these posts (or my little book I published) I am initiating a conversation with the reader. I hear no "answers" in my head or anything of course.

Why do people converse? I will be honest with you. It is fun when you get to talk with rational and sane people. Rational and sane people are the most interesting people that I know and I get bored easily my friends so good conversation is my relief from the tedium that gnaws at my very being on a daily basis.

"Well why don't you talk to your "Friend" Jesus? Huhhhhhh?

Ha ha. That's funny. But I do get what you are saying. It would be nice if we could just have a real conversation with The Lord. But we can't.

When I talk like I've "seen" Him and "heard" him that is me speaking metaphorically which I hope is clear as day to you and plainly obvious. You can look up the word metaphor if you don't understand what it means.

I AM writing to some of you though right now quite literally. There are some of you that I would probably come to know as great friends that kind of understand what I am getting at with all these statements and could probably enlighten me as to what any of its real significance might be.

You see I do that all the time. I write stuff that I like to hear myself without really knowing where it comes from nor what it means. I just like it.

"Well I thought everythinnnnng comes from Godddddd" you might be asking sarcastically.

When I said I don't know where it comes from nor what it means I am speaking of "secondary" causes and not the Prime Cause of everything.

"Why do you care about secondary causes mannn... everything comes from God and is going back to God duuuude".

Well I care about secondary causes because I am a secondary cause and I do in fact care about myself and others like me (i.e. other secondary causes). I do know for a fact, and I hope you do too, that I for one am definitely not God.

If you tell me that you are God then I will probably nod my head politely and find a reason to excuse myself.

HERE NOW... I am going to take this post in a completely different direction and say that the key to any honest person's success is that they always put themselves in a position to win. THEY define what success is given the circumstances that they've been handed. NOT the opposite way around.

Whoaaaa! Where did THAT come from?

Simple. The title of the post is "Why do I write?" and I am in the process of filtering out any people that don't want to see me be a success at it. I really don't have the time.

I write for the same reasons that I do everything in this life as a disciple of Christ (the Title of my God of course), because I want to succeed.

Yes. I mean in mind, body and soul. Success.

With Christ's Grace and Power and by His Will alone will I do just that. (If I can get out of my own way that is.)

I like His Agenda (read the "Lord's Prayer" if you are not familiar with His Agenda).

Hint: It's kind of like a good baker rolling out his dough and folding it up and rolling it out again. I know. Here I go confusing the "conversation" again. After all, aren't all those doughy carbs are "on the out" these days right?

More like they need to be enjoyed in the moderation they were always meant to be.

"Moderation"... another good future blog topic much needed by all of us in this here land of abundance.

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