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What do you focus on? A meditation on frustration and boredom

God gave us an entire universe of people and things that have the ability to draw our attention including ourselves.

Is that good?

Of course it is good.

One of the ways that God speaks to us is through creation.

Why did I pose that question then?

It has to do with when I am frustrated or bored.

This entire universe to marvel at and sometimes I sit here quite bored with it all.

How is that possible? (Rhetorical question, I don't have an answer really.)

I do know though that more and more I take these times of dissatisfaction as an opportunity to re-focus my attention on God.

Particularly the God of my Christian faith. The Holy Trinity and the "rest of the story".

When I do that, focus on God and Faith, I usually find something out (like I am doing right now) that I didn't realize explicitly before.

I kind of bounce back and forth between creation and reality and God and my Faith.

That is what I am realizing as I write this, namely that there is a conversational aspect to my relationship with God. A back and forth.

I go out in the world (or into my own mind via reflection) and notice things that puzzle me to the point that they frustrate and even bore me. I just can't figure them out.

So what do I do with it all then? Lately I've been turning to God and my Faith in Jesus Christ as Savior to in fact save me from the fate of the desperate and frustrated.

It's more interesting than it sounds.

It has helped me to open up to the people I love more and yes even become more productive in a healthy sense and not in a greedy one.

Some of you may have no clue or interest in what I say here and others might just chuckle or roll your eyes (or worse... yikes!).

Anyway I get true relief here when I am writing about these things.

All the unhealthy negativity and frustration melts away for these moments.

Then I realize that that is because I am sharing these ideas with others.

Bored? Frustrated?

Focus your attention on Christ the Savior and his message of forgiveness and mercy for all.

It is life changing.

And life affirming.

Thanks be to God.

God bless

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