What Christmas Can Do For You

I would suggest that you don't assume that you know everything there is about Christmas. (If that opening line bores you then God Bless! See you later.)

Did you know that the Christmas Tree is directly linked to the Crucifix?

Also to the Tree of Life spoken about in the Holy Bible?

Also to the dreaded Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil?

Also to the fact that "Man" was created both as man and woman at the same time!

Doubt me?

Good. NOW I've got you interested!

Are you playing ping-pong in your head as to whether what I am saying here is good or bad? Right or wrong?

That is called "ambivalence". Your Christmas present for the day.

"Ambivalence" is good. ALWAYS. It is God's way of getting you out of your own head and asking a trusted friend (That can be God) what they think of something confusing.

An example? Okay.

I'm sitting here debating whether or not to ride the "air bike" (a wind resistance exercise bike) today.

I am not ambivalent as to what I am going to do regarding that question. I am going to ride it.

How do I know that I am going to ride it? Because that is my intention and today I have been GRACED (given) the free WILL to do that.

How am I so "lucky"? My doctor told me to eat right and work off the pounds.

I strive to be obedient. I am not ambivalent about the fact that I strive to be obedient!

Striving however is not obedience. When I finish writing this and get on that "horse" and start riding, THAT is obedience.

I made my choice a long time ago that I was going to live a healthy life of "mind, body and soul". I made a promise. I took an oath.

Only God can allow me to keep that oath.

My suggestion to you: Buy yourself a Christmas present this year by acting Charitably towards your neighbor. I would hate to disappoint the Christ Child.

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