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Three Part Article: Subjective Meditation On A Crucifix

Part One:

Look at a crucifix.

What do you see?

This meditation is about what I see and how it makes my life better.

Hopefully it will make your life better too.

Part Two:

There is an image of a flesh and blood human being being tortured to death on every crucifix you see or run into in everyday life.

They are actually not very common in regular life out there.

I mean how often do you run into a crucifix as you go about your day in our great society.

I run into one every day because we have a couple prominently displayed in our house in some strategic locations.

Mainly, I have them in the kitchen, the bedrooms and there is a small one hanging over me now where I am typing this in my home office space.

You might be asking yourself what kind of sicko would have such a gruesome reminder of a human being being tortured to death like this?

My simple answer to that question is that they are to remind me of what I don’t want to happen to myself or my loved ones if at all possible.

My personal belief is that that person depicted on every Christian crucifix, namely Jesus Christ, died and underwent the cruelest form of death known to mankind so that we could live.



No matter what circumstance you may find yourself in at the moment, it is my hope and prayer that this image of my God will bring you some kind of peace and comfort yes, but more importantly the strength to reach out to someone you know that can help you through whatever it is that is causing you to doubt your own sense of well-being and self-worth.

I am writing this article because I promised my God, Jesus Christ, in my first book that I would not only endure patiently until I was unselfishly victorious, but that I would enjoy myself doing so.

The only boundary is our own inability to believe that God wants us to be happy, safe, secure and strong.

No, this is not another you’ve just got to have faith story.

I see this article as a sort of personal reflection on what I consider to be art appreciation as it relates to my faith in God, whom I call by the name Jesus Christ.

Part Three:

For sure, please don’t turn these little symbols of faith into false idols as they don’t work like that of course. To turn a crucifix or any object into a false idol would not only be foolish but very dangerous to your soul.

I simply look at these things as I would a nice picture of a sunset or something like that.

Yes. A sunset, I think that is an apt metaphor for how I see a crucifix. It re-presents the end of something that in the end will give birth to a new fresh day with the coming of the morning sun, or Son if you will allow me that stretch of imagination.

Just like the sun sets and dies each day, so too does the Son of Man, Jesus Christ rise again with the birth of new life in every baptized Christian that is born anew of the Spirit from above.

Sound too complicated?

It’s not.

He’s not.

If you are dying and need a savior, then it is my belief that that is Him. Jesus Christ.

I believe that that is the One, True, Objectively real God that came down to Earth about two thousand years ago and lived and died for our sins.

Why did He do this?

To give us light in the darkness and life to our waning spirits.

If you don’t need a savior then please excuse my presumptions about you. I am happy for you. I wouldn’t wish the darkness of hell that I have known on anyone.

I know that Christ is my Savior though.

These crucifixes, these objects, are mere reminders and are actually kind of luxuries for sure.

For now they help me remember Who really loves me.


Don’t worry, I don’t sit here all day staring at a crucifix.

I’m not that weird.

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