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The "right to write"

I thank God Almighty for the rights we have to express our opinions like I do here.

Obviously I don't expect everyone to agree with me especially when I mix controversial subjects like mental illness and religion.

My "selfish" reasons are that it is good therapy for me. I've spent way too much of the first half of my life swimming, and every now and then drowning, in a pool of my own thoughts with seemingly no escape.

What broke that cycle? What breaks that cycle of listening to the "echoes of your own mind" too much?

Careful not to misquote me here, but the real breakthrough came when by the PURE GRACE OF GOD, I asked for help from a trusted friend.

Changed my life.

Set me on a true path of Faith in Christ.

Led me to "the Hill" (Golgotha) where I "saw" Him hang and die and beyond to "witness" His risen Self in all It's Glory.

Led me back to my family and friends that I had missed so much while away.

Nothing really special in a way. Every Christian of a certain "age" spiritually has experienced the same type of thing in their own unique ways and through their own experiences. (NOT saying that every Christian is or has been mentally ill mind you.)

I know. With writing and "speaking" publicly comes risks of course. Believe me though, not saying something can have a far greater negative impact on the "landscape" of our lives if it happens to be about something that truly needs to be addressed.

The dreaded "sins of omission". So easy to just keep your mouth shut and say and do nothing.

Lord have Mercy on our souls.

Speak Lord, your servant awaits.

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