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Poetic thank You my Christ

Updated: Sep 14, 2022

How can I thank you

Lord of my life

For seeing me through

The strum and the strife

Here I find welcome

Work and the Way

To make everlasting

The price that you paid

To win me my freedom

My conscience abides

Because you saw through

The darkness inside

That dwelled in my soul Lord

Eating away

My mind, heart and spirit

That brought me to nay

Twas there at the bottom

Of that vast-est pit

Your hand raised me up

So that I could sit

At Your feet to listen

Your message so good

Mercy for sinners

Your kindness our food

Promise of new life

Won on that Tree

Rose from the dead

To set our souls free

Now I can rest Lord

Sure that You care

Ready to listen

Ready to share

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