• Dan Popovich

Taking spiritual breaths and finding your voice...

Updated: Aug 24

What do you do when you are supposedly "trapped" in a situation from which you can't seem to get any relief?

It is good that we have a God that fully understands our dilemmas. He is familiar with every situation that we have or ever could find ourselves and wants to help us find healing and redemption.

"Bad" situations are merely opportunities to open yourself to God's Mercy and Grace and to welcome Him into your hidden life of suffering and frustration.

I remember an incident many years ago when I was early on in my mental health recovery. My life had actually become subject to the oversight of a "case manager". Unfortunately the man was a "case" himself. A head case.

Anyway, I sat there in my parents' kitchen and listened to this disturbed publicly funded mental health worker as he tried unsuccessfully to take over every aspect of my life, medical, financial and otherwise.

I found myself in a position that many mentally ill do in that I had no "voice" of my own to speak up for myself. A horrifying situation to be in.

While he was telling me everything that was wrong with me (merely to justify his only motivation, which was to "cover his own rear end" and collect a paycheck), I looked up at the wall at the traditional crucifix representing the torturous death of Our Lord Jesus Christ, I let myself simply melt into the image yes, but actually into His Grace and Loving Concern for me. I was taking spiritual breaths and just enduring the situation knowing that I would eventually be vindicated.

After some doing, not long after that, during a real personal crisis, I found that voice of mine in the midst of a very dicey situation and I fired him as my case manager. I was calm and civil about it and he threatened me by telling me that he would report this to my doctor and I firmly but politely told him that that was fine. I knew for sure that I was in the right. Immediately after I did that, another mental health worker on the crisis unit that I was on came in my room and said "Dan, you don't need a case manager anymore." She was a sane and rational (normal) woman. I had been delivered.

It all stemmed from that gazing at that crucifix while as I was being "tormented". I knew that I had a Savior that had "been there" Himself yes, but that would deliver me from my sorrows.


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