• Dan Popovich

Take what I say with a grain of salt

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

I am obviously not a great theologian, nor am I a great literary artist or any kind of professional anything really.

I am just a single Catholic laymen from the Midwestern United States that is advocating for more humane treatment of the the mentally ill (like himself) within the confines of the life experience that I have been given thus far.

Everybody's got a unique story to tell and to make use of for good or for evil.

I have found for myself that an attitude of profound respect for matter and life in all its forms continues to be the basis for my ongoing recovery.

I despise violence in all its forms.

I rely on the Merits of a God-Man named Jesus of Nazareth (The Christ) to heal my wounded pride and teach me true humility and obedience to the "Word" of God as spoken through His Church which He left for us here in this World to Teach and Preach the Good News of Salvation through the Pure Grace (Help) of God.

I have profound problems in my life just like every other human being born into this world.

I am of the middle middle class economically.

I am grateful for today. Right now. To be able to write something uplifting and positive.


I believe that all of mankind should be on a journey upward. To Heaven. And that the only way to get there individually and collectively is to bring about the "Kingdom of God" here on Earth as it is in Heaven.

What pray-tell does that Kingdom look like?

To be honest I will have to think and pray about that.

I do know that violence of any form will have nothing to do with it.

I think that is the "vanishing point" of my painting of Heaven.

The point which gives perspective and depth to an image.

The stabilizing factor in any work of art and beauty.

Peace be with you this Christmas season.

Christ Our Savior is born every day in every thought and idea that finds fruition and brings peace to this world.

May He find a place of rest in your soul this day too.


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