Sitting here quietly... poetic prayer

Updated: Apr 26

I am looking for Your grace again

My life it is so still

At this moment I am reaching out

My list is yet to fill

With things I want

To do right now

It takes Your grace and power

To make this life

You've given me

A chance to live this hour

A day is made

Yes step by step

A path You've laid the way

You saw me when

I was laid low

With no means yet to pay

The price for life

Yes it's real

No one could e'er afford

To hang upon

That cross my friend

Like the Blessed Lord

Yes Lord of life

He is it's true

It only takes a choice

So muster all

Your courage self

And shout out with your voice

I believe!

Yes, I believe!

You've come to set us free!

Stamped upon our souls baptized

The pain of sin relieve

Prac-tice it takes

To be per-fect

Poss-ible yes with grace

Come climb the hill

Where I do hang

And look upon My Face

A crown of thorns

Pierced hands and feet

A puncture in My side

The wounds are there

Yes I am He

I know you will abide



To see the Truth and weep

Go work this day

In charity

When night falls you may sleep

In peace we lay

In dreams we see

The vastness of eternity

How great that space

We've got to trek

I'm but a mere tiny speck

And yet You choose

To lift us to

A place where we

Can be with You

And all the angels

All the saints

All creation

No complaints

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