Resurrection Day


Most of us don't even know where that word comes from.

I had to look it up. It is irrelevant for the most part. Something to do with an ancient pagan Spring goddess or something.

What am I trying to focus on though with "Easter Day" approaching tomorrow?

The open and empty tomb. The resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead some 2000 years ago.

Did he really rise from the dead and walk the earth again for 40 days I think it was among the original apostles and others as well?

The only proof that I have to offer is that all this religious stuff that I have inherited like so many others throughout the ages has "proven" to me personally to be true and life changing (for the better) to me as I have tried to deal with the ups and downs of my own life experiences.

It has brought light, meaning and comfort to me when I needed all that the most.

It has taught me basic morality toward God, my neighbors, myself and creation itself.

Yes, I do know that Jesus walked among us again. And showed us his wounds and left us with His Holy Spirit and a mission to spread the "Good News" of God's mercy and forgiveness for those all people to the "ends of the earth".

Am I ready for his promised return?

That too is a grace which I would hope to humbly accept both now and in the promised life to come.

We all need a personal resurrection at some point in our life.

We need definitive proof like the first apostles.

I am making a claim here like so many others before me: Jesus Christ died and rose again and so can you.

Don't believe me though if you can't do that.

Ask God for proof.

You will get an answer.

You deserve the peace and security that only forgiveness can bring.

Forgiveness. Mercy.

That is the real "scandal of the Gospel."

The real story of the Resurrection.

The real meaning behind Easter Day.

The holiest day of the year for us Christians.

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