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Practicing Catholic

One of my church buddies, much older and hopefully wiser than me, passed on a little inside joke regarding the Faith last night at a function.

I think he was referring to what I like to call the Catholic's failure to reach perfection when he referred to himself as a "practicing Catholic".

I chuckled.

Believe it or not I had never thought of that phrase in those terms before but it was certainly a mild epiphany for me in a way.

I thought of how doctors are often referred to as "practicing physicians" and again someone chimed in with the jest, "yeah, their practicing on me it seems".

That will probably give you a clue into my own "disfunction" which is actually mere misunderstanding.


I interpret that word now in a totally different way than I used to.

What stands under something other than the "foundation" upon which something (hopefully useful and with sound purpose) is built?

The foundation.

What is the foundation or my understanding of what it means to be a "practicing Catholic" now?

I now understand that a "practicing" Catholic is one that is making an effort to live a good life.

A life with meaning and purpose.

Al life who's foundation is built on faith in Jesus Christ.

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