• Dan Popovich

Poetic meditation on Divine Mercy

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

Lord I wander through each day

Drifting as I do some times

You don't mind my mindless path

That is where Your Grace I find

Straight the road

That leads to Heav'n

Yes You made that clear

We can sit and rest a bit

Talk without the fear

That I will turn away fore'er

From Your Merciful gaze

That finds me every time I'm lost

In the fog of sinful haze

Regrets oh yes

We all have them

They plague the soul when we

Don't focus on the tri-fold Way

of Faith, Hope, Charity

Oh Father, Son and Holy Spirit

You saved me once so long ago

Yet on this path back Home we walk

I stumble 'pon a stone once more

Like You I carry my cross too

Together yes we all ascend

To Heaven's Gate where we shall meet

Where the foe and friend

Put down their enmity fore'er

The Battles all now won

By Merit of the Blood once shed

By the Father's Only Son

Oh let me be with You fore'er

Blessed Tri-ni-ty

With the Family that awaits

All God's children readily

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