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My Mental Health and Religion book club on Amazon

I just started a book club on Amazon for people that would like to read and discuss books about Mental Health and Religion. You can find it by following this link Amazon Book Clubs.

Right now there is a whopping one member, me, the administrator and the first book to be read is my short one on Compassionate Catholic (or universal) Self-Care that can be found here on my Amazon Author Page: Daniel A. Popovich: Books, Biography, Blog, Audiobooks, Kindle.

Anyway I'm just laying the foundations for the club. It is virtual, private and I am open to suggestions for books that combine these two topics. Although I am unashamedly a practicing Roman Catholic Christian, peoples of all faiths are welcome to bring their own particular insights.

As with all my writing and projects, I am trying to foster an atmosphere that would help bring about compassionate and effective mental health care in our communities.

Of course I have no idea what that would practically look like and would like to garner ideas from peoples of all faiths and good will.

Hopefully we can get the book club going within the next year or so.

God bless and take care and feel free to contact me with any ideas you might have concerning this.

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