Morning thoughts again

Blank the mind that starts the day

A page for you to write

Gone the phantoms of my dreams

Disappearing with the night.

Soon the sun will brighten our

View from windows looking forth

To the future with our plans

For building thy kingdom with our work.

Charity, charity

Informed by faith and hope

Virtues meant to guide our living

Lives of mercy and forgiving

Ponder with me about the things

Need be done this day ahead

Welcoming the master's visit

List'ning for his word once said

To people just like you and me

Gathered together on this morn'

Rememb'ring how the spirit guides

Th' faithful that are thus twice born.

Once of flesh

And then from above

God's grace poured forth

A bounteous trove

To nourish mind and heart and soul

Body of church we are

Searching for the milk and honey

Of the land we seek from far

Here and now

A mandate we

Were given to

Bring reality

It's in our breast

Our chest

Our heart

Our mind and active soul

The meaning our our life

Our love

Our everlasting goal.

Heaven oh heaven oh heaven above?

Yes there AND here below

The ransom t'was paid for all of us

For each and every soul.

Give what you have

To Christ the King

To him belongs


My brother, sister, all of you

It's with sorrow that I shudder

You in rags it is not fair

What I have two

Yes one I spare

He said it's clear from th'holy book

If you doubt just have a look

T'whom you did to the least of these

Yes you did thus unto me.

By that we all will be hence judged

The king we saw there on the street

Remember when he washed the poor

Man's dirt from off of his blistered feet.

He served us

And now thus,

We serve him

In everything.

It is a life of freedom yes

He created us to live

From his bounty we are given

And expected yes to give

With that I've muttered much too much

Words that's all these are

Go forth and work

And play and rest

With his own life yes we are blessed.

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