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Morning poetic prayer... Hello my friend

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

Hello my friend

This morn we meet

My rest is now

Done and replete

With dreams and hopes

With fears and dread

This day brings life

So real instead

The sun is out

The birds they sing

Night's chill and dark

They have no sting

I plan and work

For life you see

That I may live

In eternity

Once all the strife

And strum is done

This life means work

But also fun

Sadness it's true

Is there at times

But in the end

The light will shine

When all will clap

And all will shout

That devil's hand

Be put to rout

Oh that was done

Now long ago

But for myself

I will forgo

My celebray

-tion just for now

My efforts will

Still man the plow

Where soil is turned

By sweat and toil

The plans of dark

-ness will be foiled

Oh it is true

Not by my hand

I'm merely but

A grain of sand

That builds the beach

Where foot may set

On dry land from

The sea so wet

The lost they come

On ships and rafts

Firm ground they seek

A home at last

Where ahh those dreams

And hopes made real

Life's promises

Made firm with zeal

Forever now

I hope to see

His throne in all

It's majesty

A land so ver-

dently made out

Where angels sing

And saints they shout

At last at last

A home we call

Where prayers were heard

And hopes were all

Kept in the heart

Of He that is

From first our story

Was conceived

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