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"Morning Mourning Thoughts" a poem by Daniel A. Popovich

I wake up from my bed Dear Lord

And make my way to the

Kitchen where the coffee pot

Awaits the water fah

The brew that stimulates my brain

To follow suit and start

To generate ideas that

I can turn into art

Not masterpieces mind you

Just pleasant fun and clean

Some words all strung together

To warm up this "machine"

That thinks and plans and worries

'Bout what the day will bring

The days can run together

Like all too f'miliar things

If I don't stop and appreciate

The precious gift of this

Moment that I've got to share

With others who may wish

Their circumstances more tolerable

Than they may find them now

Whose hearts they may be breaking

It matters to know how

To deal with all the pains

Of body, soul and mind

When misfortune seems to reign

Just when you need to find

Oh when will all be right

Just give a hopeful word

Something like the voice of kindness

Echo and be heard

Your space oh yes you need it

To rest and think and heal

You have the right to question

You have the right to feel

All comfort to you blessed one

No one can comprehend

We've all got our own circumstances

We just need space to mend

Un-bothered by the know-it-alls

Un-pestered by the tools

That think we cannot cope and deal

Without the words of fools

Light will come when day breaks

Dark will come at night

Life comes to the weary soul

Rest to those that might

Need a place to curl up

Sob and shed a tear

Mourning is a blessed thing

That no one need to fear

Jesus cried in public

Amazing to a lot

Of people that were hardened

And had so long forgot

That people are meant to

Love and laugh and live

And ultimately to "rise again"

And learn to just forgive

Pain it comes to all of us

Fortunate are we

When we're in the company

Of the Blessed Trinity

Oh Father, Son and Spirit

Comfort my friend in need

I know You won't abandon

Our friend that hurts indeed

You too know what it is

To suffer Dearest One

To deal with loss and 'bandonment

And eclipsing of the Sun

I know my words they've run on

The Light it will bring peace

Life will reunite us all

Strife it will all cease

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