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Morning Money Matters

Have you ever heard the phrase "money is freedom"? Do you believe that to be true?

I will be honest. I believe that to be true. In a sense.

Whatever I have been given to work with, I have made great efforts to use wisely and effectively.

There are a lot of unhappy people with a lot of money in this world. (Just as there are a lot of unhappy people without money in this world.)

My point is that I don't think that money is the determining factor to decide whether or not you are accomplishing your God-given mission to "love God with all your heart mind and soul and love you neighbor as yourself."

I have met greedy rich people and I have met greedy poor people. Not much separates them other than the vicious rhetoric they use to get their own selfish ways.

Do you experience "money anxiety"? I have peered into the abyss that one can fall into without proper respect for the good things that the proper use of the resources, that each of us have been GIVEN, can bring to our lives.

Any person "worth their salt" as a human being knows "whence it all comes". It's the scoundrels that don't admit it or shout it from the rooftops that really get me though.

Here: Everything I was, am or ever shall be comes from the pure Grace of God Whom I refer to as Jesus Christ, Lord and Savior of All! ~ Daniel A. Popovich

Am I saying believe in Jesus and you'll get rich? ABSOLUTELY! In all the right ways.

The love of money is the root of ALL evil.

A crushing statement if ever I've heard one.

Use your God-given talents wisely. If you have no talents then you have no problems and no reason to worry right?

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