Mental Health Care Reform

Why would our nation's mental health care system need reformed?

Well the simple answer is that the "system" really doesn't need it.

Many of the people that run and maintain it do.

If not reformed then certainly renewed.

Mere platitudes on my part you say.

Okay. How about some off the cuff fresh ideas.

Mind you these aren't evidence based or anything.

They would have to be scrutinized like all ideas that are proposed.

I'll propose 3 ideas based on my personal experience:

  1. Don't patronize your clients. Assume that that are smart and can understand their treatment options and will act responsibly with their recovery plan. Project success.

  2. Act professionally and follow all medical best practices. Don't make your own rules.

  3. Act impartially towards the people you are providing care to. Set aside personal prejudices and biases based on anything. The best medical treatment is non-judgmental regarding what you may view as a moral issue.

Anyway that's a start that I think would go a long way towards bringing about a more compassionate and effective mental health care system.

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