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Material goods and spiritual goods

Hopefully we have both in our lives. At least enough to keep us looking forward to not only getting up the next day but the next life as we pass through this sometimes difficult and perhaps very confusing existence.

Dear God I shudder at the misfortune that has befallen many of us at times in our lives.

I'll be honest, it has been very rough at times dealing with a mental illness such as bipolar disorder for so long. Many have had it much worse though and some perhaps much better.

It's not a comparison game though.

Wherever you have been or are at, good, bad or indifferent, there is a God that truly loves us and wants us to be with Him in everlasting life.

Why do I believe all that?

Simple. I have been shown love and compassion in this life. I have been given good things and been taught right from wrong for the most part.

Yes, I have to respond to those "good" things with whatever measure of free will that I have been granted as well.

There is a definitive "yes or no" that I have to pronounce to the good and evil that I am confronted with in myself and in this world.

Can I be tested beyond my limit by evil and misfortune?

Contrary to most popular belief that I hear regarding this subject I do believe that I can and yes, unfortunately, have been tested well beyond my limit in the past.

Why am I still here? Still hopeful and "fighting the good fight"?

Because God Himself allows it to be so.

Believe me. My future is uncertain.

Material, spiritual, in every way.

I know that absent the sheer grace of God alone that I am nothing. And perhaps worse than nothing.

Dear God how I love life in all its abundance.

I know that is not my everyday experience most of the time but I beg You to never let me forget all the good that you have and hopefully will continue to show me.

My little "saying" that I repeat to myself in my times of thought and prayer is "I am nothing and You are Everything".

I am not belittling my own existence.

Just acknowledging the magnitude of Your omnipotence.

Thank You for giving me even this tiny glimpse of your kindness, love and greatness.

May it and You ever sustain me.

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