• Dan Popovich

Is this "as it is in Heaven"?

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

That is the question that I've been asking myself this morning regarding many aspects of my life and this world.

The "Our Father" prayer that Christ taught us to pray. Part of it goes "Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven."

I did sort of an examination not only of conscience but of my life and this world in general and used this question as my cornerstone.

I'll be honest. A lot of what I looked at internally and externally had me saying "no" this is not as it is or probably will be in Heaven.

If I am to realize (make real) the content of the Our Father prayer (by the pure grace of a loving and charitable God mind you) then I need to be able to look at my life and this world "as it is" so to speak, before the "mustard seed" of the life and faith that I've been given can grow into an image worthy of God's eternal gaze.

Yes. You and I are already worthy of God's grace and love by the very fact that He created us in the first place. However, I do ask you if you truly love yourself as God loves you, in your current state of being.

Yes. I'm asking you if you are satisfied with yourself? If you are not, then I propose that you, like me and the rest of God's people, the Church here in this world, are open to the light and grace of God's merciful gaze.

A "look" that is so near to us in Spirit and yet beckons us home to the Father of us all from so far away.

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