Good morning. Fresh day and looking ahead.

Just got up and the sun is yet to appear. I had my toast and coffee and am sitting here with my dad in our family room. We are both in our easy chairs going through our "morning routines".

Dad prays and does his bible and spiritual reading. I've been watching this same scene for the past 20 years for the most part believe it or not since "moving back in" with my parents in 2000 to recover from a serious and persistent mental illness (bipolar disorder).

I had moved back from Columbus, Ohio where I had failed once again to make it on my own. I'm grateful that I had a home and understanding parents to come back to.

What happened to the "fresh day and looking ahead" in the title of this post? I'll get to that. I think its necessary to have some perspective though when making plans (even if only for the present day ahead.)

Each of us has a history and story to tell. Past, present and a future.

Context. We all need context to try to make sense of our lives. (Don't worry, I won't bore you with anymore of my context right now.) That's really not the point of the post.

It is just to get MYSELF to think. (Not you.) About my day ahead. What do I want to do? What do I want to accomplish?

I'm listening to some "classic acoustic" folk/rock/easy listening music in the background.

Van Morrison is singing his "Into the Mystic".

The future, even just today that lies ahead of me, is truly a mystery.

Why would I plan ahead then? Because that is what sane people do. Otherwise your just reacting all the time. You're always on the defensive.

It's just being proactive. Taking some initiative. Being creative.

My plans then? Be responsible and take care of myself and my loved ones today. Be grateful. Work toward greater financial, mental and emotional independence.

Pressure on me? None.

Our lives aren't dependent on our own personal efforts.

They are gifts from God to be enjoyed and appreciated.

You've got the word of a mentally ill survivor to bear witness to that.

You may not agree but again I'm not here to convince anybody of anything.

My life, like all lives lived will be judged as a tree is by its fruits as either good or bad.

This day, really as far ahead as I tend to worry about, will be judged by the same criteria.

I'll stop here.

Mercy, grace and peace. (If that's what you want from life.)

I do.

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