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Fresh Heir and Son-shine

Ahhh yes. The winter solstice. The darkest day of the year.

I wonder how dark of times they had to be for the Christ-Child to show up about 2000 years ago in Jerusalem? The Father's Only Begotten Son (The Heir), showing up to see how his custodians (us) were doing taking care of the place. Not so good had you not noticed.

Must have been the darkest moment in His-Story.

(I know, I am borrowing and re-hashing some old Christian Truths and Wordplay to exercise my mind right now and hopefully help me to earn my keep today.)

Here's another one: "One day at a time". You do know that is a Christian saying don't you? Believe me, it's paraphrased in There in the Holy Bible in at least One of the Gospels. (Have some fun and go find it if you don't believe me.)

Does it irritate you (like it does me) that some "Christians" think they have the ANSWER to everything. I don't know about you but if I meet a person or persons like that that likes to cram things down your throat then I avoid them like the plague. I'm a believer that violence begets violence and I have already stated over and over that I am a disciple of the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ Lord Almighty.

With that I will bid you "adieu" for now.

I've got to get out of my work chair right now and work out.

Blow the cobwebs out of my system.

Strengthen my heart.

Keep the "equipment" in good shape so that I can spread the Good News of God's forgiveness.

aaaaahhhhh...okayyyyyy.... here we go.

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