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Exercise Moment... ummmm

I got my exercise in yesterday. It was work. Actual, paid work.

How is that possible? I think you would have to ask someone higher than my pay grade to explain that clearly but I will take a shot.

Exercise means something. Look it up. I don't have to. I have been exercising since I was a teenager involved in sporting activity. (Baseball, basketball, football, golf, bicycling... you get the point.)

My body is my "machine" if you will. (I am not a ghost in a machine though.)

Just like I like to keep my lawn mower in working order to cut the grass, I like to keep my body working order to do God's work.

God's work?

Of course. I am a Christian as I have stated many times (read my book if you don't believe me) and Christians believe that all things Good come from God alone.

God for us IS Jesus Christ. He IS GOOD.

HE worked. (Carpenter, Teacher, Savior... Etc.)

Work is good.

All work comes from God, therefore all True work is God's work.

True God, True Man

I however am imperfect, unlike the Christ-Man.

That is why I confess my sins to a priest when I commit them and do my penance and get back to work.

Confusing blog post? I confess to you right now that I understand what your are saying.

My "fault". If you forgive me and read on then this all might just make sense and hopefully you will find some relief to whatever might be ailing you right now. (Remember the saying... "we've all got somethin'".)

Go back to the beginning... a good worker keeps his equipment in shape. That is PART of the JOB.

What do I actually do to earn my dollars? I am a caregiver for my parents.

Yes, I am a degree-ed engineer and I am taking good care of my senior mom and dad. BELIEVE me, it is a privilege and an honor. I am humbled by the fact that I have the opportunity to help them live healthy and dignified lives until OUR Lord calls them to their eternal rest.

Father in Heaven,

Holy Trinity,

THANK You for Life and Work and Rest.

Thank You for this coming Holy-Day of Christ-mas.

God bless you too.

Merry Christmas!

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