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Are you ahead of the "curve"?

Have you ever had God throw you a "curve ball" metaphorically speaking? If you are not used to them then they can be quite difficult to deal with successfully.

I played baseball growing up (quite unsuccessfully) so I really know nothing about how to draw wisdom from a child's game as to how to deal with difficult-to-hit "pitches" that life may throw at you.

In fact, I seriously doubt that looking at life's difficulties in terms of game is a very wise thing to do.

I am a chronic worrier. I am always wondering what is waiting around the next "bend" or curve in the road.

As much as we would like it to be, life is not a straight line. In fact, straight lines do not even in fact exist in nature. Anywhere! Straight lines are a mathematical concept or whatever. (P.S. I was never good at math either.)

I HAVE however, enjoyed a scenic curvy drive through the mountains. A lot of fun.

I just got off the exercise bike here. Instead of telling myself that this is point A (where I'm at) and that is point B (where I would like to be), I kind of just enjoyed the experience of exercising at my own pace and having a "mindful" sort of work out.

It was mental, physical and yes, spiritual. I really worked some "demons" out of my system.

I pursued an engineering degree and obtained one when I was a young man because I wanted a sure-fire way to navigate safely through life. You know, as if I could apply an equation to every situation and "magically" I would get the desired result. (Needless to say I was near the bottom of my class when I graduated.)

I really didn't even want to finish getting my Bachelor of Science over a year before my senior year.

God threw me a "curve ball" and spoke to me through a good friend of the family that was witnessing for Christ. Changed my attitude and changed my life.

God also "spoke" to me (not literally) and told me to finish up that degree anyway. I was different though.

Different priorities.

So what did God "say" to me when I "heard" him for that first time?

It was the Voice of the Suffering Christ and he described his own path to "recovery".

I broke down and cried.

What was the "progression" for me then as I responded to His Voice?

Got the degree. Joined a Church. Pursued the priesthood seriously. Quickly had a mental breakdown and was sent home to recover with my family. That was over 25 years ago.

I've seen a lot. Good and bad. In myself. In others.

Somehow I've ended up in the middle of the world of "mental health".

A big topic for our times.

I'm just letting you know that we have a LOT of great resources available in this country of ours.

I am but a single witness to that.

There are millions of others just like me. I happen to just like spouting off about it.

Believe me. EVERBODY'S got a good story to tell. EVERBODY'S got sumthin'... as they say.

God cares.

Christ cares.

People care.

You can parse my word's to see if I am this or that but in fact I am just saying that it is okay to talk to someone and get help for what is ailin' ya.

Thank GOD Almighty that I did way back when.

Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, continues to have Mercy on we sinners.

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