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And I stress...

No, I wasn't going to emphasize any kind of doctrine or whatnot. I simply want to let you the reader know that I too stress out sometimes. Everybody does.

Coping "mechanisms".

What is a mechanism?

The definition that I'm going to use here is: A natural or established process by which something takes place or is brought about.

We need mechanisms to cope.

Mechanisms are gifts from God when used wisely.

This website and blog have been a tremendous coping mechanism for me.

I can express my Faith in Jesus Christ and His Church as the saving Graces that they are.

I can celebrate them.

There are negative coping mechanisms and positive coping mechanisms.

Negative ones should be avoided if possible and positive ones should be embraced and woven into the very fabric of our lives.

Examples: Illegal drug and alcohol use are definitely negative coping mechanisms. Practicing one's Faith and exercising regularly are positive coping mechanisms.

These are just a couple examples.

I keep having to remind myself that everything good in this world should be used in moderation.

Are there any bad things in this world? Of course there are.

That is why we stress my friend.

I heard a priest say that we should be striving for abundance as we sow the seeds that bring life and not to worry about efficiency.

The needs of the world are too great to get caught up in the dangerous error of perfectionism in everything.

People aren't perfect.

We need to appreciate each other for what we do have to offer and not for where we fall short sometimes.

We need to forgive as we are forgiven.

We need to "do unto others...".

God bless and don't stress.

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