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An Original Poem by Daniel A. Popovich: My Thanks Is But An Empty Gesture, Unless…

An Original Poem by Daniel A. Popovich

My Thanks Is But An Empty Gesture, Unless…

My thanks is but an empty gesture

Unless I find a way

To make good things to happen

From tri-als that have been

Weighing on my mind Lord

Like heavy chains of iron

Eating at my stomach

Like a gnawing little worm

Your Grace delivered me this time

Can’t take for granted It

Thy Mercy hath no bottom

Yet there remains that Pit

Wherest I and they and all can cast

Themselves in sinful Pride

To burn like fallen angels

And rot like Hell inside

Oh is there no Lasting Hope?

Oh Love that will prevail?

That will keep us out of chosen, frozen

Deathly jails

The Cross The Cross The Crucifix

It shines like Rays of Light

When I have wearied out my soul

And given up the fight

Blood and water pouring forth

From God’s Own Pierced Heart

His Sacrifice was made for us

To give us a new start

Every time we stumble

Every time we fall

We listen to the Wounded Shepherd’s

Everlasting Call

To rise and carry on again

Join hands and sing God’s Praise

Embrace the Sacred Mystery

Of Love’s Enduring Ways

And work and work

To build a world

Like Heaven’s own Domain

Where hearts can mend and live a life

Where Charity doth reign

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