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A short poem of abandonment to divine will

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

Preface note: This is a short poetic plea not for an agonizing physical death on a cross but rather the death of the selfish and destructive part of the ego that keeps us from our missions in life to extend the loving mercy of God's forgiveness. This "death" of selfishness is achieved by embracing the cross that we must carry to the hill and learning to serve God and others ultimately in the land of abundance that we are all destined for.

It is really just about becoming a little less selfish with the gifts that we have been given.

Blessed Lord how can I

Ever look you in the eye

When I am so sinful true

Weak, I cannot follow through

With my pledge to serve you well

Please don’t cast me into hell

In that weakness lifted me up

On the cross that was set up

For me to hang on and die

Looking through the darkened sky

Cloud and darkness do not hide

I will suffer and abide

'til the father let me rest

No more to be put to the test

I’m not Christ nor God nor Saint

Just a portrait you will paint

With the eternal brush you make

The image that others here will take

And say “yes” or “no” he was

Dedicated to your cause

Of extending mercy to

All who ever hoped in you

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