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2 Cor. 12:20...A Plea For Reform And Renewal.

This is a brief study of a verse of Holy Scripture lifted from my copy of the NJBSE which says:

"I am afraid that in one way or another, when I come, I may find you different from what I should like you to be, and you may find me what you would not like me to be; so that in one way or the other there will be rivalry, jealousy, bad temper, quarrels, gossip, arrogance and disorders;"

The first thing that comes to mind is Our Lord's instruction to "Be not afraid." It is repeated over and over and over in Holy Scripture.

Why are we always still afraid?

I contend that rational fear must be faced at times.

I'll indulge in a little intellectual speculation to help enlighten you to what I am talking about when I say "we are always still afraid"?

I'm sure there are many of you out there that would tell me "I'm not afraid! Jesus is with me. He is with us."

Well then tell me please who are you people?

I'm curious what Paul is talking about here or rather whom he is talking about?

I'm sure he thought the same thing about his eventual meeting with Christ in Heaven.

Who is this Person Jesus Christ that some of us are on our journey to meet?

Where does He live? What does He do? Does He ever or has he ever displayed these negative qualities listed by Paul in this quote.

Rivalry. I doubt it.

Jealousy. Of whom?

Bad temper? The whip in the temple to chase the money changers? Jesus was very well tempered. (As in perfectly so.)

Quarrels? Again...with whom. He's GOD.





You see? These are OUR qualities that Paul is mentioning. They're not Jesus Christ's.

Paul starts this verse of Holy Scripture (The Word Of God) with "I am afraid..."

Think about it folks.

Paul is not Jesus Christ.

I am not Jesus Christ.

And I hate to tell you that you are not Jesus Christ.

If you think you are then I encourage you to get help. That is an indication of a disorder.

The world needs more people that don't display all these horrible qualities.

It needs more people that don't display irrational fear.

Thank you for indulging me here.

I am not a preacher, prophet or pastor etc. Totally amateur.

I am Dan Popovich.

A mentally ill person that works like the rest of the sane world.

I am a living example of the "human potential" that is being wasted every day by the mistreatment (by professionals) of the mentally ill.

I am grateful. I have a good doctor. He's not God and makes mistakes but I trust him.

You can't fake that.

Trust your gut and tell me I'm not right.

Maybe that will spark a healthy, sane and rational discussion of the merits of psychiatric reform and renewal in this country.

God bless and take care.

Amen. (Yes. I pray while I work.)

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