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When is enough enough? Hint: Think of home right now.

Updated: Sep 27

Greed: Wanting too much.

I think of home whenever I fear I am getting greedy for things. Things that really don't matter much in the end.

I am quite confident that God has stored away all the things I have acquired over the years.

He has store them away safely so that He may bring them out of those hidden places (whether in my mind or in my external home here in this world.)

God is the best banker ever. He can work miracles with the books (an NO He doesn't cheat.)

In fact I have a little book that cost me nearly a lifetime of suffering and anxiety to finally see published two whole years ago now.

I haven't even sold very many, though I hope I do eventually.

Why do I want to sell my little book?

Because I want to go home. Isn't that the reason we do everything?

I could make that argument if I was in an arguing mood (which I am NOT.)

So how is this post about greed?

Well now that I mentioned my little book that I want to SELL a LOT of, you MUST be thinking that this guy, me, has got the gold bug or something.

Well I do. I feel as though I am sitting on a hidden mountain of written gold right now and I want to share the secret of how you can write your own little "gold mountain" too.

I'll give you a hint as to the key to understanding my little book.

The word is mission. It will hopefully inspire you to find your own mission in life.

You see, I have found my mission: to see to it that the Mahoning Valley, which is located in Northeast Ohio, finally has some compassionate and effective mental health treatment options in abundance here.

Right now they DON'T.

I will get into the details later but for now just know that this is a compassion free zone as far as mental health treatment goes.

Without compassion, there can be no effectiveness.

And without effectiveness there is only greed. All kinds of mental health treatment GREED.

That is sad but true.

I just want to get home.

Where is your home?

I know where mine is and I am fighting tooth and nail to get back there every day so that I can relax with family and plan my next mission:

Ah yes, this is a cliff hanger movie so to speak.

Will he make it?!

Will the hero win?!

Who knows right?!

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