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What works for me?

I often ask myself that question regarding the direction my life is taking me.

What is working for me and the converse of that, namely, what isn't?

Can I give a concrete example of what I am talking about?

Okay, I have some goals, long term and short term, that I have laid out over the years and recently that I would like to accomplish in my lifetime. They are personal and yet very practical as well.

One such goal is to remain mentally and spiritually balanced for the remainder of my life.

I have found that one of the keys to doing that successfully over the years has been my religious use of medications to help manage my bipolar disorder.

About eighteen years ago now, I was granted a minor miracle by Our Lord when I made a decision to give the psychotropic medications that I was being prescribed a real chance to help me by staying on them through a crisis I had been having at the time.

One of the key elements of my religious life that allowed me to do that was my devotion to the Catholic sacramental way of life and in particular the worthy reception of the Eucharist or Holy Communion, according to the rules of the Church.

I was granted a grace to be able to see my medications (and in fact so much of our lives) in a sacramental way.

A sacrament is a religious ceremony or ritual regarded as imparting divine grace, and grace is merely the help we receive from God ultimately.

So, I was able to see the medication as something that might help me (a grace) as I have been helped by God all my life through the Holy Sacraments of the Church since my baptism as an infant.

Is my life perfect? NO!

Am I making real progress toward my goals? YES.

Real, measurable, progress.

What was the title of this post?

"What works for me?"

I think that is a very reasonable question to ask myself now and then.

Have a great day today.

You DO deserve it! (In my humble opinion.)

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