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Trust is an uncommon virtue... but then I

It is easy to trust someone when they are in the habit of delivering the goods.

But is that ever really the case in this ofttimes fragile existence that some of us share?

Does it ever seem to you that there is something dark and foreboding looming just around the corner?

That my friend is a problem that I have learned to deal with by asking for help.

Who am I talking about? First, my parents and family.

Second my friends and neighbors.

Third, the medical personnel and first responders that are helping us on our journeys.

Fourth, strangers.


Yes strangers.

I respect their desire to remain anonymous to me, but I know good help when I see it.

Who don't I ever trust?

That is where the "but then I" part of the title of this post comes in.

But then I am not a fool.

Now I am just being poetic.

What is a fool?

How does the Good Book describe a fool?

Believe me, the term is not a compliment.

Here is a quote from me, Daniel A. Popovich though.

"Fools are not going to hell, they are showing people the exit."

You may quote me.


Who do I trust?


We are a land of presumed innocence.

Further, we are a land of second chances.

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