• Dan Popovich

Why I pray and act...sometimes.

Do you understand the concept that nobody is perfect?


Well I am sure there are some out there that are already murmuring that "God is perfect!" and perhaps as well, "the Blessed Virgin Mary is perfect!"

Well I will agree with these people of course, but I am talking about normal people like you and me.

People that are not God.

People that are not God's only perfect purely human creation (i.e. Jesus's Mother Mary)

And certainly not Saints or Holy Angels.

I'm talking about me and you whomever we are that may be reading this.

What am I saying in the title of this post?

I'm saying that it is perfectly alright to take a break from our prayers as well as our actions now and then.

To relax.

To "get away" so to speak.

To set sail for a magical land that doesn't have anything to do with all the baggage that we carry with us most of the time.

And why should we do this?

So that we can just be SLAMMMED back to reality when we sail too far out there?

My God, JESUS CHRIST, would NEVER do that to his faithful ones.

He does know that we all need a break though now and then.

"Jesus, I Trust In You" is the motto of a Saint that I know of that preached about Divine Mercy last century.

Here is my prayer today:

"Jesus keep me grounded yes, but let me fly like a bird now and then and see more of this beautiful world and the good people that live here. Let me forget and then get me back safely to my work. Amen."

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