• Dan Popovich

What does Christmas mean to me this year?

I know what everybody is saying (and I get it believe me)... 2020 has been a "year from hell" for most people.

What is keeping it in perspective for me? Mainly that MY personal year previous to it of 2019 was much worse for me individually.

I suffered a serious mental health set back early in 2019 that carried through the remainder of the year. It was HORRIBLE.

I just goes to show me (if no one else) that if you've at least got your mental and emotional faculties in order (as they have been for me in 2020) then even the "year from hell" can be managed with some semblance of grace and dignity, which I hope all can eventually enjoy.

Here's wishing you a very Merry and blessed Christmas. This is a very short post that is just meant to get you to think of your own circumstances and being blessed with LIFE affirming perspective and the true gift of God of mental and emotional health.

God bless.

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