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The Seal of Confession

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You may be surprised to learn that I just started going back to regular confession again this year.

What? How can I have called myself a practicing Catholic and not have been going to confession regularly?

Well to be honest that is between me and my Maker, which is what going to confession to a priest should be for all of us in my opinion.

I will admit, I had some very bad experiences when I tried to be too perfect in my younger years.

Trust me, God doesn't want perfection from us in this life.

Notice I said "in this life". That is an important distinction.

Matthew 5:48 “Therefore you are to be perfect, as your heavenly Father is perfect” (NASB).

I highlighted the "heavenly" part of that passage.

In case you hadn't noticed, we aren't in heaven. Look around. Turn on the news. Talk to people. We're not there yet.

1 John 1:8, “If we say that we have no sin, we are deceiving ourselves and the truth is not in us” (NASB).

Again I highlighted the word "sin" because sin has no part in perfection.

People that say that we are to be perfect in this life are followers of Satan pure and simple.

Satan is the father of lies and that is whom you worship if the truth is not in you.

It is TOTALLY a grace and privilege to be able to participate more fully in the Sacramental Life of the Church.

Some people simply don't have the time nor the inclination to do so and that is between them and the Lord Jesus Christ if you ask me.

That time that I want to devote to such things as "reconciliation" with God is motivated by one thing, or rather, One Person.

That Person is Jesus Christ.

No. I don't hear voices or see visions telling me to go.

I simply know His Story as laid out fully in Holy Scripture and the Teachings of His Church. I also know it through the living example of the people that I know that belong to His Church.

I am fortunate to associate with people that I admire and want to be like in some way and part of that includes taking advantage of the Grace of Reconciliation from this particular Sacrament for as long as God chooses to make it available to us.

There is a shortage of good and holy priests so this privilege comes at a premium these days.

So why did I use the words "Seal of Confession" in the title of this post?

Simple. Jesus Christ, the Lord God Almighty and nobody else can be trusted with whatever sins may be keeping you enslaved to this "culture of death" in which some of you are immersed.

I have come across very understanding priests as well as very fearful and stern priests in my travels.

They always provoke some kind of human response from me.

Some of them have even tested my relationship with Jesus.

Okay, I will address that can of worms I just opened.

How can I have a relationship with a Person that has been dead for over 2000 years now?

Isn't that kind of weird?

Well, there my friend is where the Matter of Faith comes in.

Faith is believing things that may seem impossible.

I find that such faith has helped me over the years and as long as that remains to be the case, then I will continue to make an act of will and yes faith, that amongst other things, Jesus died on a cross and rose again on the third day.

That Faith also tells me that he ascended into Heaven and is seated at the right Hand of the Father.

That He sent the Holy Spirit to help and guide us Home as well.

That we are mere pilgrims here in this world and that we may stumble now and then through personal sin.

That He is there to help us, and hold us and guide us along this pathway we call life.

That is what confession to the Christ is all about.

Life can be scary.

Confessing to a priest can be scary.

Jesus knows that.

So if God doesn't want perfection in this life then what does He want in my opinion?

He wants us to take His Hand and walk with Him along that path of holiness and perfection to our heavenly home.

God bless you and keep you and your loved ones safe this day.

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