• Dan Popovich

Taking on a greater work load

If it be Your will Lord, I would like to take on a greater work load and write more often with quality, hopefully inspired and insightful posts.

I am shooting for some kind of regular schedule and consistency with it all.

Why am I doing this?

I get that very few people are reading this stuff at this point. I don't think I am delusional or anything. But I do aspire to make a living and support myself and my loved ones more at some point with writing.

I aspire at this moment to just quietly churn out good content, even if no one is reading it right now.

How AM I supporting myself at the moment?

As I state in the epilogue of my first book that can be found for sale here on this website, I long ago purchased disability insurance that has allowed me some time and space needed to recover from a serious mental health diagnosis. (Bipolar disorder).

I supplement that income by working for my aging parents part-time as a live-in caregiver. (And grateful son, lol.)

What do I mean by the term "recover"?

Basically that I am stable and the the disease is in long-term remission with the help of some good, ongoing professional support.

Why am I attempting to work more at this?

Because I truly love doing it. Thinking and writing. It really is its own reward to me at this point. Oh, and I am trying to better myself and prepare for a more independent future if the Good Lord so wills it.

Sound "iffy"?

More independent and yet SO seemingly DEpendent on "The Lord" for "my success".

All I can say is that while it may be a confusing mystery of sorts to some, it makes perfect sense to me at this point in my life.

Obviously I am not God. Not Jesus Christ. I am Dan Popovich and have a unique personal history of my own just like every other human being.

I do proclaim that in finding Christ to be my God and Savior, that I can at once acknowledge Him as King of my life and lose nothing regarding my personal dignity as a unique individual.

I fear Him. I hold Him in great awe and wonder and yet He in no way detracts from who I am and what I can be. He has been here with us. He has suffered with and for us. Believe me He gets it. I can truly call him a Friend though I have never actually met him obviously other than in my heart, mind and spirit. (He HAS been gone for about 2000 years now... truly sitting at the right hand of His Father in Heaven if you will at the moment.)

Part of that Mystery that is Christ is that He, though remaining distinct from each of us in a way, is the very Source of our life and the Realization of all our potential.

Do you want to find your own way and your own story? I submit to you that you will do so if you find Christ.

He is the Key that unlocks the wonders of our universe and each and every one of our very selves.


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