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More personal reflections on boredom

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Boredom, like every negative thing, always presents us with a GREAT opportunity to step outside ourselves (our selfishness) and to go explore the world around us.

Just now and I was sitting there staring out the window of our front room when I felt the "mood" creeping up on me.

Whoa! I said. Not going there anymore. I am done with that "life that is not a life" or living death if you want to call it.

So what did I do? I marched over here to the computer and decided to write a post on the topic.

Okay, so what am I exploring that is outside of myself here. Seems like I am just spewing random personal thoughts.

I am exploring the nature of boredom right now.

Does that lie outside of myself? Yes. Right now it does because I am sharing my solution with you and whomever may be reading this post at any given time.

Note that I'm not sitting here whining about being bored and vomiting my anger or frustration or whatever NEGATIVE thoughts and emotions I, like every other human being are tempted by at times.

People want answers.

My answer to boredom is to get off my rear end and ask myself the question "What opportunity is this negative and nihilistic thing in me presenting me with?

Right this minute, for me, it means taking the opportunity to add to my little treasury of online content here.

Hmm. I'm not bored anymore. Wonder what happened there?

Gee... could it be that I drew a line in the sand somewhere a long time ago and told myself THAT'S IT!!! No further. No more. And that every time that I turn away from crossing that line, I strengthen the good HABIT of keeping myself out of trouble.

Wake up.

You CAN change your life for the better IF it is that important to you.

No judgement here though.

I am firmly on the side of people choosing their own destinies.

I have to be. I am a Christian.

God will not force you to do anything. You can bury yourself deeper and deeper beyond what I can imagine I'm sure.

All I know is that I personally have a Savior that is going to chase me down no matter where I may choose to hide or how deep I dig myself into a hole.

I get it though. He's not everybody's Savior. I am sure that He respects that too.

Have fun.

Wish you well.

Please, just keep your self-absorbed whining and whatever other kind of negative coping mechanisms you've come up with to yourself though.

I'm not a fan of watching people destroy themselves.

Don't give the devil his opportunity with moods like boredom.

Idling away there too long gives that thing (the devil) just that opportunity.

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