Love and s-ex

You know it is quite possible live a chaste and pure and you know, PERFECT life.

My question is do you want to?

I do.


Because all the people that I know of that do live a chaste and pure life SEEM to be happy.

That is all I need to say NO to the lies.

OKAY this is where I will very gently throw a horse shoe into the arena.

LUCK that is.

Do you BELIEVE in luck.

I do.

I am very lucky to be able to write well.

I am VERY sorry if that word offends you.

I will change my tune immediately.

DO YOU believe in Jesus Christ as MY Lord and SAVIOR.

Of course I do and I can "PROVE" it.

You see I am being evasive.

Back to the topic at hand.


Chaste and pure life.

Did you ever hear the one about the chaste man that wanted to have s-ex.

I didn't until the other day at lunch with some friends.

Believe me they tolerate my youthfulness. In other words I like to hang out with older people.

Anyway. The chaste man thought they meant "chased" man.

In that he thought women were looking at him as a s-ex object.

Objectifying a man?

How is that possible.

Yes. I agree it is possible and very probable.

Can I prove it though.

That is a challenge that I will leave to the scientists in my audience.

I simply want to finish the joke.

Of course Jesus Christ is my Lord and Savior.

I will spend the rest of my life acting like a scientist if you really want me to PROVE it.

The joke is.

I am a writer at the moment.

I am quite happy.

Now leave me alone.

(Writing is fun).

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