• Dan Popovich

Knowing thy limits

I use the "thy" in the title for a little dry humor, but really, It is such a blessing to know one's own limits. Especially when it comes to your ability to help or "save" a friend or loved one.

You see, I have become an experienced caregiver and have learned that there are a LOT of people out there who have dedicated there lives as professionals to the health and well-being of their fellow human beings.

And of course because I am a Christian, I believe that God is all wise and all caring and uses these people to carry out his mission of Divine Mercy in a mysterious and yet starkly real manner.

I am learning to get out of their way so to speak and let them do their jobs.

That includes my own doctors as well.

Hopefully you have someone that you can trust.

They don't have to be perfect, just compassionate and competent.

Okay then, why did I use the "thy" in the title to this short post?

Because a lot of people think they should be getting the "royal treatment" from everybody that serves them in some way.

Well if you are really a "royal" as you might think you are, then you would know that humility and the willingness to serve and put yourself last are the foundations of true royal bloodlines.

As Christians we are called to be heirs to the Kingdom of God Himself. Take the opportunities that life gives you to practice humility.

Today. Right now.

Take the time to listen and to learn and most of all to trust.

God bless you and have a wonderful day.

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