• Dan Popovich

Eucharist...Bread of Life.

Some people have really weird concepts of what the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church is, but I suppose that is more of a commentary on those peoples' own perverse minds rather than the very benign nature of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as it is known by some.

I went to Mass today at an inner city church run by Dominican priests and was very pleased at what I found there today.

Namely, the faithful of Christ gathered to re-present Our Lord's saving sacrifice that He offered on Calvary (a.k.a. Golgotha I think) in order to save us from our sins.

That happened about two thousand years ago and some of us who can do so are still offering our prayers to the Lord in order to fulfill His command to do so (check your Bibles please, it's all in there).

I was very fortunate to be able to participate in the prayers of the faithful this morning.

I was thinking about all those men and women out there that help protect and help keep us healthy from crime and disease and such.

Why did I go to church today?


I enjoyed doing so and hope that will strengthen me to do my bit of work for the common good here at home today.

Am I perfect? No.

But I can say for absolute certainty that Jesus Christ is perfect.

So that is why I go.

When I can do so.

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