• Dan Popovich

Christ-monger? Oh I hope not

The picture is of Christ driving out the money-changers from the temple. I suspect it might have some relation to the subject of "getting rich off of the Gospel". Christ's response to the money-changers (a whip) seems to be VERY telling. I will have to consult an expert though to see if there is any relation to what I am talking about in this post.

I was reading one of the earliest Christian writings from the first century I think. It is called the "Didache" which I think refers to the teaching of the 12 Apostles. Very interesting document but what really caught my attention was the reference to "Christ-mongers" or people that are only interested in making money off the Gospel. There was a warning to be wary of them.

It made me ask myself that question regarding this website and blog and my book. Namely, am I a Christ-monger in the worst sense of the word?

I think I would have to get into the area of "discernment of spirits" or something like that to make that kind of judgement but one thing I know for sure, and that is that you can certainly "judge a tree by its fruits."

Anybody, and I mean anybody that earns all or part of their living by the proclamation of the Gospel is open to the accusation and danger of becoming a Christ-peddler.

Anyway, just the fact that I am asking this question is a good reason for me to consult with people that are supposed to be able to help sort out these questions, namely a good priest or pastor that is professionally trained to help us deal with matters of Faith.

I think as Christians we are constantly trying to purify our motives and intentions so that nothing may impede that "little lost lamb" so to speak, that is cold and shivering out there, from hearing the Voice of its Shepherd, Christ, Who has left His Flock to seek out that poor lost soul.

I would deserve the bitterest burning fires of hell if I were to merely "cash-in" on the "Good News" without regard for how that might affect Christ's saving Mission.

Right now I think I am doing the right thing with all this stuff. It is still very early on in "my little mission" as I like to call it. Already I am asking the question "what would I do if I were to find success?"

The safe answer, and the one I hope I choose if that day ever comes is to give it over to the Lord of the Harvest and say I am merely and truly just a servant and was just doing what I was "told" to do by my Lord through the Faith and Teachings that He entrusted to His Church.

When all is said and done, be wary yes, but ultimately judge that tree by those fruits.

Dear Lord I can only hope and pray for the best and then act on the direction that I've been given by the gifts of Faith and Reason.

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