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Anger and wrath... I prefer the Peaceable Kingdom

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

Okay. I am going to do a little exercise here that I am going to make up to test the limits of my anger responses. (NOTE: I am purely an amateur at this so take it with a grain of salt.) This should be fun though.

First thing that comes to mind when I say the word "anger":


I think that angry people generally wind up in jail of some sort eventually.

What is the first thing that comes to mind when I say the word "jail"?


I am a sane and rational person (my mental illness is currently in full remission according to my psychiatrist) and believe me, I don't like punishment.

What conclusion can I draw from this line of thinking?

I don't want to get angry because I don't want to be punished.

Giving in to anger gives away your freedom.

Okay okay... I can hear the people that know better than me saying "anger is a normal and healthy emotion."


Sorry. Not for me.

As far as I and my Faith are concerned, it is a very serious sin.

Does God get angry?

Why don't you ask Him that question? It should be pretty obvious to you by now that I am not God and never will be.

Have I ever gotten angry? Of course. I've never met a person that hasn't at some point in their lives.

What's the difference between repressing anger and expressing anger? I'm pretty sure that the difference is honesty.

People that repress anger are generally lying to themselves for some reason.

People that express anger are sinners.

Am I a sinner?

I wouldn't be a Christian if I weren't a sinner in need of a Savior.

Yes. I get angry. I just confessed that to a priest today actually.

What did he say? Pray for Mercy.

And I did.

And I do.

Ultimately its up to me though. I have free will to choose how I respond to whatever situation I am confronted with.

If you don't have free will then I understand. I've been there. That is a horrible way to go through life and I am praying and working here for you.

To that person reading this that may think there is no hope for them, I am telling you there is.

I used to be a very angry person but I am learning to just let it go. It's simply not worth it to me anymore.

I forgive as I am forgiven.

That's the world and yes Kingdom that I am living in.

Conclusion of this exercise:

There are highly qualified and genuinely good people that are trained to help you be free of your anger issues. They love helping people find their much deserved health and freedom. You are worth the effort that you will make to get help.

God bless!

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